– From the beginning

Since the middle of the last century Daloon has been good inside. It was Sai-chiu Van who took the world of Chinese cooking with him when he travelled to Denmark to study agriculture. Several major events including the Chinese Revolution forced him to stay in Denmark, where he decided to build his life and his company.

The first spring rolls were produced in Van’s basement and the first order came from a booth in Denmark’s biggest theme park, Tivoli. This all happened in 1960 and soon lots of people wanted to taste his crispy spring rolls – full of flavour and fresh ingredients. In 1964, Van changed the company name from Vans products to Daloon meaning “the great dragon” and in 1970 Daloon moved to a large new factory in the town of Nyborg on Fynen. Over the coming years, the great dragon grew bigger and stronger. Today Daloon products are popular throughout Europe.
In 2015 Daloon was acquired by Izico Food Group who have given the brand a new lease of life. Today our dedicated team of food experts explore the globe to bring the food-service industry worldwide street food that is packed with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor.

Since 2015, another 5 companies have become part of the Izico family. Therefore, the beginning of 2019 is also an appropriate time for a new start.
Besides our company growing and our product range expanding enormously, we also want to express our passion for food more in our name.
The name Goodlife Foods responds on the one hand to our existing product range and additionally indicates we recognize the changing demand for more sustainable and vegetarian products.